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SHC American Minuteman PATRIOT Kit

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Since before the birth of our nation, the  Minuteman stood as the symbol of readiness and preparedness in the  community.  Today, the minuteman concept of readiness at the moment of  urgent need lives on.  The American Minuteman Project from Safe Home  Consulting is the embodiment of that concept.

The Safe Home Consulting American Minuteman Project kits were designed from years of experience in the firearm industry as a student and trainer as well as military experience, culminating in a package designed for the American Minuteman of today. The gun belt kit includes current issue molle belt, dump pouch, rifle and pistol magazine pouches. This allows you to carry the equipment you need in a comfortable and logical manner. Three Minuteman packages were designed to meet your budget and take the guess work out of selecting from the plethora of AR-15 products available today. We understand that product selection can be confusing, so we made the selection simple for you, while maintaining the quality, and affordability you expect. We also maximized the use of American made products!

Whether in defense of hearth or homeland, this package contains the essential equipment necessary to allow the owner to respond quickly. It is also built with the student in mind. If you’re a member of a range with an in-house training curriculum, or you’re traveling to train with best instructors in the industry the American Minuteman kit is what you’ll need to get started.

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The entire kit is contained in a discrete compact, ready to go package. Put it in the safe, closet, car or under the bed. Grab the bag when the need arises, and go where you need to with it. 

The American Minuteman "Patriot" Kit includes the following products

 Discrete double rifle case

Anderson lower, LPK, 1:8 16in barrel, BCG, upper with dust cover and forward assit, gas block, gas tube

UTG 15in hand guard

Samson BUIS set

Anderson A2 FH

3 magpul 30rd magazines

3 M&P 17rd magazines

Smith & Wesson M&P9 pistol

ZHO gun belt kit

Safariland ALS

Safariland MLS

100rds of 9mm ammunition

100rds 556 ammunition

Geissele SSA trigger

Apex duty trigger kit

Aimpoint patrol optic

PA 3X Magnifier

PA flip mount

Tru glow night sight

Surefire X300 weapons light


Magpul MOE grip

IFAK pouch

Cleaning kit

Frog lube kit

Magpul MS3 QD sling

Impact weapon end plate

Magpul RSA sling attachment




(possible substitutions Troy battle mags may replace  Pmags, 7378 als may replace the 6378 als holster and troy lo gas block  may replace anderson lo gas block)

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