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Charles and his family began Safe Home Consulting after he served 16 years in the US Army. What began as a small consulting and training business, in the state of California, with very few items for sale, has grown into a full scale partnership with Bear Beam Firearms in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Charles is a former U.S. Army Instructor, Bradley Fighting Vehicle Master Gunner, decorated Gulf War veteran, NRA certified trainer, NRA certified Range Safety Officer and has received numerous military awards. During the Gulf war he received 2 Bronze Stars, one for Valor. While a Sergeant First Class assigned as a Platoon Sergeant in Korea, his training standards earned him a Meritorious Service Medal. His awards also include being inducted into The Order of St. Maurice (who is the patron saint of the U. S. Army Infantry), for his contribution to the U.S.Army Infantry Branch . Charles has trained numerous civilians, military and law enforcement.


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